Brown’s Folly is a nature reserve near Bath. As well as having a folly, there are old underground quarries where the stone used to make Bath’s honey-coloured houses came from, It’s a strange place, a pre-industrial mining landscape overgrown by nature. It's even got a ghost, a girl called Sally who was imprisoned in the tower that is Brown's Folly. It wears its history well. We went there every Saturday. There used to be rope swings all over the woods so we’d swing on those and balance on the logs. I loved it. And then when Isabel got too old for it, we stopped. I was bereft. Half of the reason was because I loved swinging on those ropes. It was a return to an idyllic outdoor childhood I’d never had. The half was I just missed walking around the woods with my daughter. It was like having a little friend to inhabit the world with. I missed it terribly. I still do. If I had my way, I’d still be swinging on those ropes with my daughter today. But she’s 17 and has better things to do. It would be tragic if she didn’t.