Our house in Bath is on the edge of the English countryside. It’s beautiful, kind of. There’s this idea of pastoral England being a rural paradise of rolling hills, dry-stone walls, prickly hedgerows, all inhabited by farmers steeped in tradition tending their flocks of sheep and fields of wheat – a bit like this view really. That’s a myth in the classic depoliticised sense. It’s not like that. The English landscape shows a tightly controlled, worn-out land where every roadway, every field, every hedge has a history that ties back to land enclosure, land speculation, council corruption, environmental degradation and more. That’s certainly the case in the square mile surrounding this little snippet of a view (from Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Green and Pleasant constituency). It’s a controlled landscape in other words, with class, status and seized wealth written into it. And you can’t get more English than that.