November 21st: Read about All Quiet on It's Nice That. 

Photographed between 2005-2017, the 12-year longevity of the project is a breath of fresh air. Each of the photographs displays a moment many can relate to: going to the beach, playing in a wood, the cold hit of a sprinkler in your back garden on a hot day. In turn, Colin’s collection of photographs are the kind you want to take time looking through, sparking your own memories of growing up, and remembering how much, personally or generally, can change over 12 years of childhood. (text by Lucy Bourton) 

November 13th: Read about All Quiet on Fisheye Magazine.

“There is loss in there, there is mortality, especially my mortality, that comes through in these mound-like landscapes—they’re burial grounds. There’s also a sense of new futures unfurling, and that comes across in the different paper stock and the different sizes of paper which conceal and reveal as you open and close them”  (interview by EMMA BUBOLA)