December 23rd: Thank you to Kazuma Obara for selecting All Quiet on the Home Front as one of 5 photobooks for Christmas for Wired Japan

November 29th: The first review of All Quiet on the Home Front is here by Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche (via Google Translate)

There are not many books in which a man tells of his father's experience, his relationship with his daughter, (Isabel, 16 years old today), and the change he has made in his life, in such an honest, beautiful and moving way. Colin photographs Isabel and in doing so portrays himself, discovering through her a new identity as a father. His happiness, his joys, his surprise at the look of Isabel, his green eyes (like the cover of the book?), Full of energy and at times challenge. His doubts, anxieties and fears about the future, the recognition of fear of death, always present tells us, his vulnerability confessed.