October 30th - November 5th: I'm taking over the Instagram Account at the BJP with captions to add background to the images in All Quiet on the Home Front. Here's a snippet from this post.

All Quiet on the Home Front is about my daughter. It's about her place in the landscape, her identifying with the landscape,, her immersion in the elements and the basic pleasures that gives us.

The sight, the sound, the smell, the touch of the events, off the world around us are central to what it is to be human. All Quiet is about those senses, about the very simple pleasures of the landscapes, and how they become part of us.



And go here to see the final video shot by Sam Hardie of All Quiet on the Home Front

I'll be signing books at 6pm on the boat (the Concorde Atlantique)

October 5th: Read about All Quiet on the Home Front in this story by Lucy Davies in BJP online. 

'It is a beautiful, still essay in pictures and words, sequenced so that our impressions of Isabel shift from one page to another, splintering before our eyes. One minute we think we have her – energetic, intense – and then she is gone, half hidden or running away.'