January 13th and 14th 2018:  Plenum Gallery, Catania, Sicily.

It was a great pleasure to run this workshop on Telling the Story. The workshop focussed on sequencing, editing and finding your voice. I had a wonderful group of students with a wide range of work, and feedback was outstanding.

If you want a workshop or teaching session on story-telling, the family, the history of photography, get in touch and I can tailor make one for you and your group to meet your level, your interests and your needs. 


December 23rd: Thank you to Kazuma Obara for selecting All Quiet on the Home Front as one of 5 photobooks for Christmas for Wired Japan

November 29th: The first review of All Quiet on the Home Front is here by Gabriela Cendoya-Bergareche (via Google Translate)

There are not many books in which a man tells of his father's experience, his relationship with his daughter, (Isabel, 16 years old today), and the change he has made in his life, in such an honest, beautiful and moving way. Colin photographs Isabel and in doing so portrays himself, discovering through her a new identity as a father. His happiness, his joys, his surprise at the look of Isabel, his green eyes (like the cover of the book?), Full of energy and at times challenge. His doubts, anxieties and fears about the future, the recognition of fear of death, always present tells us, his vulnerability confessed.

November 21st: Read about All Quiet on It's Nice That. 

Photographed between 2005-2017, the 12-year longevity of the project is a breath of fresh air. Each of the photographs displays a moment many can relate to: going to the beach, playing in a wood, the cold hit of a sprinkler in your back garden on a hot day. In turn, Colin’s collection of photographs are the kind you want to take time looking through, sparking your own memories of growing up, and remembering how much, personally or generally, can change over 12 years of childhood. (text by Lucy Bourton) 

November 13th: Read about All Quiet on Fisheye Magazine.

“There is loss in there, there is mortality, especially my mortality, that comes through in these mound-like landscapes—they’re burial grounds. There’s also a sense of new futures unfurling, and that comes across in the different paper stock and the different sizes of paper which conceal and reveal as you open and close them”  (interview by EMMA BUBOLA)

November 11th: Polycopies Boat, Paris Photo - My book All Quiet on the Home Front was launched. Thank you so much to everybody who came, who bought the book, who talked about their life, their experiences. It was so lovely!

November 7th

Copies of All Quiet on the Home Front arrive at ICVL headquarters in Bristol and it's looking and feeling fantastic!

It's a perfect bookmaking storm of book-checking, box-making and unpacking. Go to icvlstudio.com/allquiet to see the video of the book.

October 30th - November 5th: I'm taking over the Instagram Account at the BJP with captions to add background to the images in All Quiet on the Home Front. Here's a snippet from this post.

All Quiet on the Home Front is about my daughter. It's about her place in the landscape, her identifying with the landscape,, her immersion in the elements and the basic pleasures that gives us.

The sight, the sound, the smell, the touch of the events, off the world around us are central to what it is to be human. All Quiet is about those senses, about the very simple pleasures of the landscapes, and how they become part of us.



And go here to see the final video shot by Sam Hardie of All Quiet on the Home Front

I'll be signing books at 6pm on the boat (the Concorde Atlantique)

October 5th: Read about All Quiet on the Home Front in this story by Lucy Davies in BJP online. 

'It is a beautiful, still essay in pictures and words, sequenced so that our impressions of Isabel shift from one page to another, splintering before our eyes. One minute we think we have her – energetic, intense – and then she is gone, half hidden or running away.'

September 15th: The second All Quiet film from Solsbury Hill and a slideshow is on the Vogue Italia website. 

September 9th/10th 2017: I was in conversation at the wonderful Gazebook Sicily in Punta Secca launching pre-sales of All Quiet on the Home Front with publisher Alejandro Acin of ICVL. I also led a symposium on Photography, Politics and Change with Natasha Christia, Mathieu Asselin, and Marco Paltrinieri. The venue! The garden of the Punta Secca lighthouse.

September 9th: Story by Lucy Davies on All Quiet on the Home Front in the Daily Telegraph

September 6th 2017: My book, All Quiet on the Home Front is featured in The British Journal of Photography with words by Lucy Davies.